iGen21 February 2017 - Page 19

One day at Freddy's Family Diner... Mangle was sitting down sadly, because she had a rough day. Every day the kids who came Ripped her apart! But then she noticed there was something different... there was a night guard... YOU!!! You sit down and hear the phone ringing, then you hear footsteps in the hallway. You turn on your flash light, you see a white fox standing there. You look back and forth, fox or phone?

Do you deal with the fox..read # 3

Do you answer phone call...read# 4

#3 You try throwing a old mask at the fox, it walks closer and closer and closer until... AHHHHHHH The End

#4 You listen to the phone, it tells you what you need to do. You put on a old Freddy mask to hide yourself, the white fox walks away. You take the mask off, then you hear someone Running... “oh no! Foxy!” you thought, I got to do something. Do you...

call phone guy...read #6

put on mask-read #5

run around like you're crazy!!! read #7

#5 You put your mask just in time! You wait till your shift is over and quit! The End

#6 You type the number as fast as you can... But It's Too Late, AHHHHHHH! The End

#7 Foxy stops! “uhhhh? I'm out of here, bye.” says Foxy quickly, you hear him run out. Should you get out or befriend Mangle and Foxy?


do you...GET THE HECK OUT!!!!!-read #8

or do you befriend them-read #9

#8 you go out the door, and into freedom! The End

#9 You become friends with Foxy and Mangle, and get to know their other friends too, Freddy, Bonnie, and Chica. And everyone lives happily ever after. The End





Sabrina Ambrose