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How to start and write your own blog…

Have you ever wanted to have your own blog?

A blog is basically an online journal where you can write about yourself (for example, if you have a certain talent, interest, something you believe in) or it could be about absolutely anything.

Here’s my step-by-step tutorial on how to start and write your own blog.

1. First you need to choose your blog site that you’re going to use. Some better sites are; Blogger, Wix.com and Weebly.com.

Then create an account on the site and login.

2. Once you’ve done that click on “New blog." Name and design your blog to how you like, with the tools provided on the site. (If you can’t work out how to use them, there are videos on YouTube that will help you

in-depth with the site functions and design).

Now that you’ve created your blog there’s nothing actually on it. So let’s

write your first blog post! But before you start to write one there’s a

few things to remember;

~ A good idea for a first blog post is to explain to your readers a bit about you and/or about your blog.

~ Have a schedule for when you write your posts or make sure you post

regularly enough (this is because you readers will get bored).

~ And make sure you keep it interesting with your content. Nobody likes the same stuff over and over.

So just have fun, experiment a bit and most importantly don’t doubt

yourself or what you’re writing! I hope this helped! You can visit me at my blog!

HOw to write a blog


Colbey Baines