iGen21 February 2017 - Page 13

Winter looks really dull and feels cold. But it’s beautiful in its own ways. Nature is not as dead as it seems. It’s always alive regardless of the season. Best of all, there are thousands of fun things to do outside.

So what’s so interesting and beautiful about winter? It’s easier to find and watch birds now that tree branches are bare. If you look very closely at tree branches, you might find some interesting nests among the twigs. You can also try and spot animals that don’t hibernate in winter. So many times I watched concerned squirrels and busy mice looking for their storages of nuts, which they prepared in fall; I even once saw a hawk hunting down an unsuspecting vole deep in the dry grasses. It’s very interesting to watch all animals on their winter rounds.

But, people can be active outside during winter as well, and I am not talking about just hockey and skiing. There are many irresistible forest games which mimic animals and thier ways of survival. It is even possible to have picnics during winter! Friends can gather around a bonfire, tell stories, roast apples with butter and cinnamon, and drink pine-needle tea, which is really healthy. There’s nothing wrong with drinking hot chocolate too, while enjoying sleepy nature around you.

As you can hopefully see now, a forest can be really fun during winter time. There are many things to do outside even when it’s cold. You might think I am wrong, but try it and you will see what I mean. As for me, I always prefer to go outside than stare at a screen. Do and join me!



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