iGB Affiliate 55 Feb/Mar - Page 57

INSIGHT “Having banner ads in the sidebar is no longer effective, as people use adblockers or have banner blindness so your sidebar is often overlooked.” want to link to affiliates. You’ll either need to pay webmasters more money for a link, settle for lower quality sites, or use blackhat techniques to gain links. However, when you have something strong to offer, the work gets a lot easier. Use social effectively. Don’t just share your own content - reach out to others to show them it and ask them to share it. Invest in paid social with promoted and sponsored posts. Facebook is limiting the reach of page posts because they want to push their paid platform, so you don’t have a choice but to use paid social. The same with Twitter, as there’s so much noise on Twitter you want to ensure you reach as wide an audience as possible. On the subject of paid, PPC can work very well with content marketing. The keywords you can target are less competitive and cheaper than betting keywords. You can reach a much wider audience with paid search results and display ads than you would otherwise get through search and social alone. Conversion The step that’s often overlooked is the conversion. Your blog should work to convert visitors like the rest of your site does, but having banner ads in the sidebar is no longer effective, as people use adblockers or have banner blindness so your sidebar is often overlooked. In the planning stage, you will have identified what your objectives are so your blog should be built with these in mind. If it’s to get them to read more articles, you should show them related articles and use your articles to refer to previous ones that are related. If it’s to build a community, then take advantage of the many WordPress plugins that enable this. The Selection Sharer WordPress plugin allows users to highlight text on your page and share the page via Twitter or Facebook, quoting the text they highlighted. CoSchedule and MyTweetLinks do something similar and are worth checking out. LiveFyre is a comments plugin that synchs comments people have made about your article on Twitter or Facebook and add them as comments to your site. Including calls to action within your article results in higher conversion rates than having CTAs in the sidebar only. However, when deciding on CTAs on your blog, think about the journey a user would take if they landed on your blog first. Chances are, they weren’t outright looking for a signup bonus, they’re either already part of your community (follow you on social, subscribe to your RSS feed, or bookmarked your site) or they found you through your promotion efforts. At this stage, your CTAs should be about the next best action. This should be personalised to the user and their behaviour to offer them an action that is best suited to the situation. Segment your visitors between new and returning. For new visitors, you’ve got three potential options: 1. get them to join your community by signing up to your email newsletter (give them a reason to give you their email) or, alternatively following you on social; 2. get them to continue reading other articles relevant to their interests to build some trust in you before joining your community; or 3. get them to sign up to one of the bookies on your site by either sending them to the bonus offer page, bookmaker reviews page or sending them dir ectly to the operator. For returning visitors, chances are they’ve already taken advantage of the bonus offers, what you want to do is get them to continue to bet with the operator. This is where you take matters into your own hands – don’t just rely on the operators to turn your referral signups to loyal customers, if you’ve got them to trust you and join your community, you can get them to continue to place bets. So for the returning visitor segments, the CTAs should focus more on placing bets instead of signing up or joining your community. Conclusion Content marketing can be a powerful strategy for any online business but only when done right. With proper initial planning you have a strong starting position; you know what kind of content to create on your blog, what goals to set up on your analytics platform to measure success, and what you need to do to achieve results. i dita Pacram Name: Afer 0 :3 14 ry, ua br When: 6 Fe 1 om Ro Where: AFERDITA PACRAMI is CEO of the successful iGaming SEO agency 90 Digital. She has been in digital marketing for over six years and specialises in setting up teams, implementing creative digital strategies and improving site engagement through the use of visual cues, narrative, and psychology. iGB Affiliate Issue 55 FEB/MAR 2016 51