iGB Affiliate 55 Feb/Mar - Page 51

FEATURE GRANT MACFARLANE FOUNDER & CEO, THE MEDIA IMAGE Omni-channel attribution. Traditionally the iGaming sector has had a very insular path to conversion or attribution view, in essence dominated by single session, last-click events almost always isolated by device type. As ad tech has evolved the smart operators/ marketers are taking advantage of the insights that are available. It’s a super complex and data-driven exercise, and one that can be slightly subjective, but its crucial marketers invest the time and effort to correctly give channels their true value. Data is king. Online to Offline. Many operators have matched player IDs across device to understand usage and in some instances, particularly for large high street brands, the opportunity to match online to offline has existed and in some instances been exploited. The likes of Coral’s connect card and Ladbrokes’ The Grid are good examples, but more work is needed to close the loop on the true value of the online vs. offline journey. It will also help shape the personalisation of offers and user experience for the user. The journey needs to be seamless. Looking for opportunities in the haystack. The UK marketplace is becoming more and more competitive, as are Google CPCs and general costs of marketing in such a mature market. The smart agencies/operators are tuning into novelty markets to exploit cheaper and less competitive auctions. The demand is out there - start looking. NICK GARNER, FOUNDER, 90 DIGITAL SEO – RIP the link Amount of iGaming-related spam sites to decrease. Many operators to give up on SEO in favour of PPC. Sites that are genuinely better will receive the kind of links that Google knows are valuable, and those sites will rank, as long as they engage users. SEO – the machines are taking over Google will be able to interpret a • • • • website, or page, better than a human. To win rankings battle, sites will have to put user engagement and satisfaction first. Because so many iGaming sites suffer huge technical debt, expect to see fresh players coming through the rankings and comfortably beating mature incumbents. Technical debt – a rising tide If an operator site runs with decades-old functionality, Google will not rank it. ‘Remote betting’, where users can place bets from affiliate websites, means the ‘little guys’ can out manoeuvre the big technically indebted operators. Watch out for brands like Oddschecker and OLBG. Users will have zero tolerance for non-‘all device friendly’ sites. • • • • • MATTEO MONARI, COO, BIZUP 1. Every year we hear people saying “this is the year of mobile”. I am not sure whether the “year of mobile” was 2013, 2014 or 2015, but the reality is that mobile is already dominantly here, so 2016 is the year operators and affiliate alike need to adapt and be mobile, taking this for granted. 2. From Google’s side, 2016 has already started with an interesting update, so it will probably not be a “quiet” year. In general, I think in 2016 Google will show that it can understand more and more what users really want and what sites really offer, getting better at determining query intent from one side and website content and purpose on the other site. So, in order to stay ahead of the competition, you need to understand which of your visitors are looking for games to play with, reviews to read, bonus codes to copy, or videos to look at, and ensure the pages they land on offer them exactly what they were looking for. 3. In recent times, Google has also shown (or at least declared) increasing attention to privacy and safety, hence https protocol. What’s more important though, is the relation between using https and being able to use http/2 protocol and the speed improvements tied to this. This can get a bit technical so you can find more info here: searchengineland.com/ everyone-moving-http2-236716 4. As far as paid campaigns and online advertising are concerned, I think 2016 will the year of native advertising, both on desktop and especially on mobile, primarily as a result of the Adblock war going on between Apple, Facebook and Google. It is a war I think all affiliates should definitely be aware of, but I feel many are not, so for more information: www.theverge.com/2015/9/17/9338963/ welcome-to-hell-apple-vs-google-vsfacebook-and-the-slow-death-of-the-web iGB Affiliate Issue 55 FEB/MAR 2016 47