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TRAFFIC Where to find a good UX designer This is probably a lot easier than finding a good programmer, but the process and interview process should be the same. You can try traditional job marketplaces like Upwork or Craigslist, but if you want to find where all of the good UX designers like to hang out, try websites such as Dribbble.com (that’s the letter “b” three times) and Behance.net, to name two of the biggest and most popular. Figure 1: Operators with great UX design Dribbble.com In particular on Dribbble.com, you can search for UX designers and find UX designers for hire by using the search filters at the top of the page. Most of the top designers, as well as the rising stars, will be on Dribbble. When interviewing any UX designer, you’ll need to know their process for desig n and iteration. Ideally you’ll want someone that will get you to help assemble the website using wireframes. Wireframing Any good design company or UX designer will probably not want to start any website project without having the whole thing mapped out in a wireframe. Not only does this help the designer make a better website, but most importantly, it prevents the client from requesting too many design changes which often leads to scope creep, which means you’ll end up upsetting your designer or result in their endlessly billing you for taking up more hours of their time. While there are tons of sites for creating wireframes, I recommend using Moqups.com, which is extremely easy to use for any beginner. The importance of logos In addition to there being a lot of ugly websites out there, there are just as many ugly logos, and sometimes your branding falls apart right from the start when you need to make an impression. Many bad logos you see are not by designers that make them vector-based, so if they are making the logo in photoshop or you are paying $5 from it from Fiverr.com, then this is your first problem. A good logo should quickly relay your message of what your company is about, but not command so much attention that it distracts users from the rest of your site. If you have a budget to work with, don’t go cheap on your logo and get a specialist, just like you would do with a UX designer. If you need a good logo designer, I recommend LeoLogos.com, and you can also search on Dribbble.com just as you would for a UX designer. Conversion rate optimization If you put together two talented people iGB Affiliate Issue 55 FEB/MAR 2016 33