iGB Affiliate 55 Feb/Mar - Page 21

TRAFFIC Figure 2: How new player experience affects next lifecycle stage Churn Active 80% 77% 73% 20% 23% 20% 27% Bad Good Great time-only depositors, and also have a higher lifetime value. This is regardless of the total amounts the player deposited and wagered (see Figures 3 and 4). ●●Actions It is important to view new players as being in an “incubation” stage, the primary objective being to proactively encourage players who have made only one deposit to make a second one. Provide different incentives to players based on their experience level. For example, offer to compensate onetime-deposit players who’ve had bad experiences with a cash-back for their loss to encourage them to continue playing. Likewise, entice players who had a good experience with offers aimed at preventing them from withdrawing their money (and perhaps redepositing that money with a competing operator!). In each case, the goal is to make offers that keep players active and engaged, each according to his or her particular experience. The active player The active player is one who made at least one deposit at any point in time, and has played recently (the number of days considered “recent” depends on various factors as determined by each operator). ●●Insights Multi-tasking during bingo, primarily while the numbers are being announced, is very common. Players simultaneously enjoy available activities such as the interactive chat functionality to communicate with other players, and playing instant casino games (such as slots and digital scratch cards) provided by the operator. The data indicates that players who frequently play the instant games offered alongside the bingo game itself exhibit, on average, double the lifetime value of players who ignore the instant games. On the other hand, those players who tend to almost completely ignore the bingo itself, and spend almost all their time engaged in the side activities, tend to remain active for shorter periods of time. While the instant game-only players will generate more money in the short term, bingo players tend to remain active longer if they are also playing the instant games . In order to further segment active players for insight on how to communicate with them, we can use RFM segmentation (RFM stands for Recency, Frequency, and Monetary). This type of segmentation helps us understand things such as: Who are the strong/ weak players? Which players play most frequently? Which players have high total wagers on the one hand, but are at the risk of churning on the other hand? Using RFM to segment active players into personas can indicate which groups of players offer the highest lifetime value potential to the operator, and suggest points of intervention (e.g., players at risk of churn). ●●Actions The most effective way to keep Active players engaged over the long term is to ensure that communications to each Figure 3: New player survivability according to deposit frequency $ Survival Rate Multiple Deposits Multiple Deposits One Deposit One Deposit Days Days iGB Affiliate Issue 55 FEB/MAR 2016 17