iGaming Business magazine Sports Betting Focus 2017 - Page 6

Sports Betting Focus 2017 PERSONALISING A MOBILE OFFER Recommendation engines and machine learning will defi ne the winners in the developing app ecosystem, and that applies as much in sports betting as it does in the mass-consumer universe of Amazon, Spotify and Netfl ix, writes Sabrina Solda of BtoBet. True personalisation in sports-betting mobile apps involves providing a layout designed around the individual user, yet getting to the point of being able to offer this type of service is about more than just a navigational design issue. Responsive design has previously been about enabling any given site to work regardless of the device it will be viewed on; but making it responsive to each individual user is a far harder task. Indeed, the whole process of building a suitably tech-enabled yet personalised mobile sports-betting offering is no simple mission. A system needs to be able to collect large amounts of information about any given player, analyse and learn from that data, identify player behaviours, categorise players by their similarities, predict what they are likely to want to bet on next and subsequently offer one-to-one marketing messages. The new standard It is a task which has been tackled by many of the most popular apps out there. Whether it is Amazon, or any of the other giants of the consumer-facing mobile app space such as Facebook, Uber, Spotify and Netfl ix, personalisation is now the standard and helps defi ne what users expect from their online mobile experience. They may be working across diverse fi elds in social media, music, fi lm and TV, mass- market retail or private transport, but what all of these have in common is that they all employ recommendation engines that defi ne the service each individual customer receives. Recommendation engines are what will defi ne the winners in the developing app ecosystem, and that applies as much in 66 | iGamingBusiness | Issue 105 | July/August 2017 sports-betting as it does in the wider universe of consumer-facing mobile offerings. The ability to offer the right product at the right time is true customisation, and given the correct rewards – and without having to rely on possibly intrusive blind bonusing and push notifi cations - it will see players coming back time and again to your offering. The appliance of science Machine-learning technology – as part of an artifi cial intelligence-led offering - holds the key in mobile sports betting as much is it does with the likes of Amazon, Spotify and Netfl ix, providing the capability to offer a tailored sports-betting experience. 'F7V&ǒVffV7FfRƖRv&Ɩp2FR'&B&V6VFF77FV( 2FP6R22VVB'WFf( 2vW&V'6&&FfRfFW&rvW&Rf&F06V7FVBg&FW"W6W'22F6V@vF6FVBfFW&rWFƗ6rW6W"WFFFख66&V6VFFVvP6V7W&RFBvW2vF6֖ GG&'WFW2( 27V62FRFVRFRfFƗGBFR6FVv'( 2&Rw&WVBFvWFW BffW&VBF7W7FW"66&FrFFV"v&VfW&V6W2खFR7F6RbWr7W7FW"FP'&B&V6VFF77FV6W2FvrW2F6V7BBǗ6R&vRVBbf&FFRW'>( &VfW'2BFVfVVBFBf&F&6F&VF7BvB&VfW&V6W2vv&f"WrW"FFR77FVVvRb6vP7'G2&WGFrFR&V6VFFVvPFV6wW&f&2fW'6֖"gV7FvrFRW&F"F7VvvW7B&WG2&VfW'&VBWfVG2vWFW"FB2"ff'GV7'G2"U7'G2FRVvR7V&W0BFVǗ6W2FFW.( 2GFW&0bVvvVVB66&FrFv67'G2FR6FVv'b&WB"FR&WBGRख&F7F6W2FR&V6VFV@&WB"&WG22FVffW&VBFFRW"fFR&RFW&f6RBvFfWp6Ɩ62FRW"vfR6VBFV"&W@"&RrFV"&VfW'&VBvRF20vVBvFWBFRW"frF&VfW&V6RFRrƗ7BbWfVG2"fRFFRFRVV6W76'7FWb6Ɩ6rF&VvFR'W&vW"VR"6FV&"'WGFFWfVVG2rFW6RƖW2&PVffV7FfRf"&WG2vWFW"FW&PFWfVVB( 27V62WW&R( 2"&RFR&Rf&FfR7FvW2FVVB&WG07&72g&6vW&R&R2FR&'66W72&WFRFFRFW&WB'WBvW&P6'GRVWG&FWfV2&R'VpBvW"WfV2&V6VFFVvRЦG&fV6v&WfV&WGFW"vFW7067F6FVBFWf6W2FW6R&RgVFVFfW2f"FP7'G2&WGFrGW7G'26VV2'fW0FvvF6FWfVVG2vFFP&Gv&R2FR&RFWf6W2bFPgWGW&R&w&W72BffW'2WFR&7V7B`f7FW"ffW&w2vF&WGFW"B&RFV@gV7FƗGB6V2FR2F@66FW6RFWf6W2vVVBF&RWfV&R&'W7BV7FW6RBW'6Ɨ6VB2'F&WB6Vb&WFpff6W"6'&6F0BVVG2'F&WN( 0&VB&WFr7G&FVwFG&fRv&VW72BFV@FRv&&WB6R2fW RV'2bWW&V6Rv&r66VǒvFVFFGfW'F6rvV6W2B0VVB7V66W76gV6&VW"2&WFr@6V6F2vW"f"6W0FRv֖rGW7G'