iGaming Business magazine Sports Betting Focus 2017 - Page 16

Sports Betting Focus 2017 GAMIFICATION: THE TRICK TO REACHING DIGITAL NATIVES Millennials are widely acknowledged to be tough to attract but worthwhile for those that do so. According to UltraPlay’s Lyubomira Petrova, igaming companies need to use the right channels and appeal to their desire for performance-based rewards to capture the attention of this elusive generation. Considered as one of the largest generations in history, Millennials are transitioning to their prime spending years and are anticipated to be the next audience that could bring in signifi cant new revenues and reshape the way business is done in many industries. Thus, companies have to consider how to effectively answer and adapt to all of their needs, requirements and expectations and the gambling industry is no different. This has a lot to do with entertainment and digital technology as well as speed of operations and activities – key factors in whether or not generation Y and Z will spend their spare time and money. It is no easy task for companies to acquire or retain young consumers enough that they take the step of buying or depositing money. and extensive knowledge of the professional teams, individual players and tournaments. Typically, they know how a change in the game can affect the odds, and also which the best odds providers and igaming operators on the market are. In other words, those bettors are well aware of the games covered and their variables. It is not betting for beginners, it is designed to cater to the knowledge players hold on esports. The aim is to help them feel the adrenaline of winning alongside their favorite players and teams. Gambling on gamifi cation But here comes the important question: how many players will be attracted to one’s betting website and, more importantly, retained? More and more gambling companies are “More and more gambling companies are turning to the advantages gamifi cation can offer to players as they vie for the new audiences and new revenues around the corner” Described as ‘digital natives’, Millennials use all kinds of social networks, feel comfortable with digital devices and communicate mostly using these devices – texting and expressing themselves while building their own world of entertainment and leisure. Millennials grew up playing video games and for many this is one of the main ways they socialise. This is particularly true in the emerging market of esports betting, which has a growing number of users and followers worldwide. People who bet on esports are usually people with vast experience of gameplay 76 | iGamingBusiness | Issue 105 | July/August 2017 turning to the advantages gamifi cation can offer to players as they vie for the new audiences and new revenues around the corner. It is way more exciting when you get rewarded with new levels, special features and even money based on your performance, or you have new goals to achieve and new statuses to conquer. Gamifi cation is one thing that appeals to new audiences, works well for retention and changes the way the gambling business is done. For example, with advanced esports betting platforms, the player has some of the tools to share performances or achievements where different rewards can be collected. The player is involved in the repetition of getting better, solving problems and achieving new levels. Along with performance-based rewards, social networking will gain more signifi cance with the emerging new audience of Millennials, with their natural aim to create an online community or be part of one. The idea of motivating participation, engagement and loyalty will add value to any business which is willing to integrate game mechanics into its gambling operations. When you start implementing data-driven techniques with customers, you drive more interactions, stronger collaboration, better ROI and most importantly, higher player satisfaction, which leads directly to greater loyalty. Gamifi cation extends relationships and drives customer loyalty by tapping into the motives many of us have when trying a new product or service – the initial desire to be part of something big, a community that wins and gets rewarded for its endeavors. Still, fi nding the right recipe and balance to attract Millennials is challenging. Many of the variables and prefer ́ѡ́Ց)ЁɕЁЁ́ɕ݅ɑ)쁽͡ձѕȁչх́Ց)͔́əɵٕ)丁Q́ͥ䁉ݥѠɸ)ɕѥѕ́ɽ٥ٕɅ)ݥ́х̰ȁɵѥ)ѡȁѽɕ́́ͅ)1ՉɄAɽلݽɭ́)Չɕѥ́Ё)UɅA丁 ɥ)ɅѥAHх)չѥ̰1ՉɄ)ѕɵ́Ʌѕ́ȁɕ)UɅAéՉɽ́Ց)ѥٕ丁]Ѡȁɥѡ)͕ѽȰ͡ե́ѡéͥѥٔՉ)́ͽє́ͥѥѡ)ɭ