iGaming Business magazine Sports Betting Focus 2017 - Page 12

Sports Betting Focus 2017 THE BEST OF BOTH WORLDS Until recently, operators had only two choices: have a large team of in-house traders or rely on a fully managed sportbook provider. But the emergence of semi-managed sportsbook solutions has changed the game, says SBTech’s Tom John Light. In the ultra-competitive world of online sportsbook management, the aim is always to retain an edge while managing the risk that goes with it. Operators are constantly looking to create bespoke promotions and offers which allow them to stand out from the crowd, ranging from attractive odds on a major event like a Cup Final to increased payouts on horse racing. However, one of the biggest conundrums is how to achieve this brand differentiation without incurring the high overheads of a large trading team. Until recently, if an operator wanted to maintain a well-defi ned sportsbook there was a diffi cult choice to be made. It either needed to employ a large team of traders working on all aspects of the operation, or rely on a platform provider to fully manage all signifi cant variables such as odds, payout ratios and maximum win amounts. Of course, if an operator chose the fully managed option it would defi ne an initial trading strategy that would be implemented by the provider, but after launch they’d be unlikely to be able to make many changes. While it was usually possible to request specifi c adjustments such as a change in odds for a particular game, this required direct communication with the provider on a case-by-case basis – it was very diffi cult for adjustments to be made on the fl y. The new breed of semi-managed solutions has changed all that by giving control back to the operator, which can now manage any market independently while leaving the remaining markets to be managed by the provider. The operator can therefore employ a relatively small team of traders who are experts in specifi c fi elds such as local sports leagues or major competitions, safe in the knowledge that the provider will manage all other markets. Semi-managed is a natural progression from fully-managed – as an operator grows, it will inevitably want more control, but not necessarily want to invest its resources in fully managing the operation. With semi-managed, the operator can offer odds on tens of thousands of events and only manage a well-defi ned group of major moneymakers. This offers them the fl exibility to infl uence the betting on as many or as few events as desired, but at the same time satisfy the need to offer a wide range of sports and markets. This increased level of control gives the operator major advantages when it comes to “Semi-managed solutions give operators access to every betting market available on their provider’s website but allow them to adjust the odds, payout ratio and maximum win amount for any of them” 72 | iGamingBusiness | Issue 105 | July/August 2017 brand differentiation and promotions. The operator has the option to decide certain prices and tie them to an offer. For example, an operator can set static odds for a specifi c selection, such as ‘Liverpool to win 1-0’, and then create a promotion based on this price. Semi-managed solutions give operators access to every betting market available on their provider’s website but allow them to adjust the odds, payout ratio and maximum win amount for any of them. These adjustments can be made for pre-match and live markets, as well as horse racing and greyhound racing. The power is put in the hands of the operator but without the cost of having a huge team of traders for every market. Operators can adjust their risk and liability strategy automatic 䁉аՔ)ٕЁɭи=Ʌѽ́ɔͼ)ͽ͕́Ѽɕєձ́ѡЁ)ѡ̰嵕ЁɅѥ́ȁ᥵մ)ݥչ́Ёѥ)ѡѼٕаݥѡѼ)ѥ͔ɹٕȁ͕ɥͭɥ)ɥѡٕЁ危)]ѠɅѽ́ѱѼɅЁ)Ѽѡȁͥѕ̰͕ͽѥ́ɔ)ՍѽɽѥɅ́)ɥͬݥѠѡٕЁ)܁ѕ䁅ѡٕ)ѥ͕ѥ̰)Ʌѽ́ݥٕٕɔɽ)ٕȁѡȁ͕̰ͥɕѥٕȁɔ)Ʌѥٔɥ̸)Q)1Ё́YAɕͥ) ٕͥ́Ё)M QQ́ݽɭ)ѡ䁙ȁ)啅́ݥѠ́ͥ)Ʌѥ́́ѥ