iGaming Business magazine Sports Betting Focus 2017 - Page 10

Sports Betting Focus 2017 THE RETENTION REVOLUTION There are plenty of tactics available to help operators attract users to their sites, but the real trick is getting them to stay. Michael Maerz, managing director betting for Betradar, outlines the three core areas sportsbooks should focus on to keep players happy. Today’s regulated sports betting market is one of the most competitive ecosystems around. It has matured very quickly in the wake of advances in internet and mobile technology, and the need to differentiate and rise above the crowd is fi erce. While operators continue to focus on attracting new customers into their shops or sites, increasingly they are pouring creativity and resources into retention, reactivation, upselling, cross-selling and other ways to engage those already in the CRM database. Bookmakers offer the likes of free bets, cashback, jackpots, betting frequency bonuses and deposit bonuses, as well as loyalty and VIP programmes, to reward regular customers. When it comes to cross-selling, operators try hard to tempt their clientele into the full range of their products, employing the likes of additional bonuses and free spins to charm, for example, sports bettors into casino or vice versa. Cross-selling across sports is also a focus and tools such as ‘bet one get one free’ and free bet options are designed to persuade bettors to stray outside the realm of their favourite competitions. Delivery of these opportunities direct to the customer goes across the full range of channels: emails, SMS, popups, newsletters, etc. But in some ways, all of these offers are just the tip of the iceberg, the shiny trinkets. What underpins real customer retention? After the short-term hit an enticing offer may prove to be in attracting new customers, the most successful operators employ long-term elements to keep bettors loyal. We would split these into three core areas: effi ciency, customer service and content. 70 | iGamingBusiness | Issue 105 | July/August 2017 The three pieces of the puzzle There is nothing that annoys bettors more than ineffi cient operators. Nowadays, there is little or no excuse for delayed payouts or delayed bet acceptances. Speed and reliability in these areas are taken as a given by customers in today’s ecosystem. But effi ciency also touches on providing reasonable odds. While there is only so far operators can go before they descend into an industry-hurting price war, no operator with unattractive odds will survive for long. Customer service is also important. Bad customer service, in any industry, is a huge turn-off and bookmakers are no different. Customers need to feel those that take their bets are reachable and transparent. They need to feel they can reach their operator via a multitude of communications channels — email, chat, phone — across a range of languages. Contact should be made as easy as possible for them, as should pay in and payout. And ultimately, as we all know, the customer is always right, so it may be prudent to comp or refund losing bets even when we are not convinced about their case. The fi nal piece of the puzzle is content. What content does an operator in today’s landscape need? Let’s start with wide coverage. Bettors come from all manner of countries and backgrounds and they want to bet on a cornucopia of events. Gaps in coverage quite simply leave opportunities for rivals. Depth of cove YH\H^X܎X[HX\]›ۈH][\H[HXHٙ\[\\Y\Y^H\H[[8'H\H[]ۈ[]ۈ\X]8'K[[B۸&]ٙ\] Z\^Y\\HZ[H[\]X]Y[X[Z[۝[]\]][ۘ\H^H]]ܜY\]ۈ]^H[YH[]\BوZ[H\]܈][&]ٙ\][\\Y\]\H\\۝[]\\\\Y][ۘ[[[Hٙ\\X[KX\\[[Z[ Y܋X][\X[[Z[\H[HXHٙ\\ܝ[ܛ\\X\X]^Y\[^]X[ܝ”[][][ۈ\ܚ]X[][[ۋ]ܜ˜H[\H[Y[]Z\]\BYX]Y[Y [H]HH]KB][][ۜ][\\[\\Y\[[\H[Z[]ܚ]X[YXHق[Y][XZH[HY\[O[و\H۝[[[Y[XZH܈BX\][KY[Y[[ۘ[ [][][˜][[\ۛY[[] [KXY]\\Y\˂HX\ٝ[\]܈\HۙH][\\XX\Y\&\\^H\[]Z\\] [HX\][š[]X]]\[[[]X\\]B\]ܜۛ]\\H8&Y\&HقH][ܛ X[\\Y[[[HY[Y\HݚY[HXBY]وYHY[\XK\Y\\H[و\HH[Y[۝[[]\]B]Y\\Y\[ܛYY [\Z[Y[[Y \[[X][K\]XZ\˜\Y\^H][\[ ZXY[XY\\X[Y[™\X܈][܈]Y\ZXY[[YܝY\[[X\H MH[ݙ\Y\H][Y[و]Y\&\›XZ[Xܛ\YHXHو˜[]H]H][ˈ]Y\\][B[\H[\Hٙ\[[ܙH[ L K[X][ ]H][\YX\\X[\[ MLܝ][\]ܜ˜\[HؙK