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RT G A S I A PLENTIFUL TREASURE Long a favourite in Macau, RTG Asia’s loot-laden slot is now striking gold with players around the world In brief, how would you describe Plentiful Treasure to our readers? Plentiful Treasure is the one slot everyone in Macau lines up to play – and now it’s available online. What’s more, Westerners love it too! The game’s medium volatility and 243 ways to win, coupled with the ability to instantly win one of four jackpots, has already made it a worldwide favourite. Q A How does the gameplay work, and which unique features and mechanics set Plentiful Treasure apart from other slot titles in the market? How many games have a feature where you can instantly win one of four jackpots just by selecting the right symbols? That’s one of the reasons this slot is so popular in Macau: the game-within-the game is exciting and rewarding. And now they can feel the same excitement online. Q A all platforms: mobile app, mobile web, tablets, PC and Mac. What are the main challenges in slot development and delivery today? There are so many ideas — choosing from themes that really resonate with players (by region, demographic, gameplay), interesting mechanics that surprise and delight players, and then having to choose from and prioritise them for development — we’re spoiled for choice. So we’ve committed to getting at least one all-new slot (not just a reskin) every month to our operators. Q A What do you see as the major innovative and disruptive trends in the online slots space, and how will your product roadmap in 2019 reflect these? Building AI into games (and platforms) will fundamentally change player interaction as the games become more personalised. You’ll be able to talk (or type) to your game and it’ll respond intelligently. This adds an entirely new dimension to slots play and the player experience. P.S. It won’t be blockchain. VIEW MORE CONTENT ONLINE Across which markets and platforms is the slot available? Although designed specifically for Asia, Plentiful Treasure is available in all non-regulated markets and across Q A Q A VISIT RTG ASIA ONLINE FOR MORE INFO: RTGASIA.COM JANUARY - FEBRUARY 2019 • ISSUE 114 • 83