iGaming Business magazine Slots Showcase 2019 - Page 17

What are the main challenges in slot development and delivery today? A significant challenge is acquiring and retaining new players. With the market becoming increasingly saturated, the necessity to develop fresh, engaging features that stand out from the crowd is crucial in order to expand user sessions and hold players’ interest. This is especially true of the next generation of online casino players, who expect their modern lifestyles and habits to be reflected in their gameplay. Ganapati continuously strives to create games which not only Q A stand out but keep up with the market’s changing requirements. What do you see as the major innovative and disruptive trends in the online slots space, and how will your product roadmap in 2019 reflect these? Incorporating elements of social gaming, such as ease of play and Q A higher engagement levels, is proving to be a disruptive trend in the online casino space. Ganapati is following this trend by creating games that are responsive to one-handed play on mobile devices, which are less like traditional slot games and more interactive. One major trend which Ganapati is very much involved in is the use of cryptocurrency in online casinos. With the creation of its very own G8C token and blockchain-based online casino platform, a brand new, secure method of igaming is in the works. It’s set to make quite the impact in 2019. VISIT GANAPATI ONLINE FOR MORE INFO: GANAPATI.COM JANUARY - FEBRUARY 2019 • ISSUE 114 • 95 89