iGaming Business magazine Slots Showcase 2019 - Page 15

in-game achievement engine that prolongs engagement, and to create an immersive mobile-centric gameplay that encourages players to spin anywhere, anytime. What do you see as the major innovative and disruptive trends in the online slots space, and how will your product roadmap in 2019 reflect these? With mobile ownership being highly prevalent in today’s world, Q A it’s important to offer a completely refreshing way of gaming that appeals to the new age of tech-savvy players, while also keeping the essence of slot gaming for core fans. Our future games will be designed to make use of the full vertical space on mobile phones, allowing us to incorporate more features and exciting visuals for a more immersive slot experience. Rad+ will also expand as a cross-game player engagement ecosystem with both socially competitive and more challenging but rewarding achievements features. Finally, Radi8 will be bolstered with campaign management tools that will help increase ROI on the operator’s watch and budget. Radi8 is poised to be more than just slot reels; rather it will be a gateway to provide the new generation of players the rich user experience they’ve come to expect. VISIT RADI8 GAMING ONLINE FOR MORE INFO: GENESIS-GAMES.COM/RADI8 JANUARY - FEBRUARY 2019 • ISSUE 114 • 89 93