iGaming Business magazine Slots Showcase 2019 - Page 13

but we can also see a consolidation of expectations in the market. To reflect that, our portfolio going forward is going to include products focused on certain players and certain markets, along with games for the general audience, in order to help our operators double down on their main player groups. Another trend we think is disrupting the online industry in a positive way is “Pragmatic is committed to the consistent expansion of its global footprint and has plans to enter many more jurisdictions in 2019” marketing via online video streaming. Casino streaming is now at the top of viewer charts on a host of popular websites, and this is facilitating growing exposure for the industry. Put simply, it’s showcasing the potential for entertainment and value to non-traditional players. We are focusing heavily on helping streamers demonstrate the full potential of Pragmatic Play slots in their shows. VISIT PRAGMATIC PLAY ONLINE FOR MORE INFO: PRAGMATICPLAY.COM JANUARY - FEBRUARY 2019 • ISSUE 114 • 91