iGaming Business magazine Slots Showcase 2019 - Page 11

VIEW MORE CONTENT ONLINE operators and aggregators we currently work alongside. What are the main challenges in slot development and delivery today? An ever-widening audience has become more demanding and picky, seeking the finest quality, speed, promotions and unforgettable entertainment. Technology evolves at breakneck speed, and games that might have been popular yesterday are run of the mill in today’s highly competitive and novelty-driven marketplace. To deliver best-in-class player experience we have developed a customer-centric approach and we closely observe and listen to players’ needs and preferences, which are reflected in our titles. It’s Q A this, combined with a powerhouse product, that makes Tom Horn Gaming an attractive partner. What do you see as the major innovative and disruptive trends in the online slots space, and how will your product roadmap in 2019 reflect these? Gamification and more engaging game mechanics will continue to be the key trends in the online slots vertical. We believe that the industry will see more innovative, diverse and hybrid games being developed. New technologies like VR and AR will play a huge part in game designs, providing a more immersive player experience with a myriad of new exciting features. These trends will be reflected in our roadmap that will see the development of titles hugely impacted by these new approaches. Q A VISIT TOM HORN GAMING ONLINE FOR MORE INFO: TOMHORNGAMING.COM JANUARY - FEBRUARY 2019 • ISSUE 115 • 43