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Mobile Gaming Outlook Optimising CROSS-SELL OPPORTUNITIES Henrik Fagerlund describes how sophisticated use of mobile can unlock the potential for effective cross-selling Estimates vary, but adults are now thought to spend an average of around two-to-three hours per day on mobile devices. That’s about three days a month – or almost 40 days per year. It’s a lot of screen time. And, as smartphone devices become increasingly sophisticated, and as they tap into more and more aspects of our lives, the figures are steadily rising. Consumers’ expectations are heading in the same direction and the outcome of the medium facilitating so many activities and pastimes is a clear and marked trend towards mobile first. Of all the gaming verticals, this is especially pronounced when it comes to sports betting, where the mobile device is king. It is important to keep this in mind when creating products that are aimed at cross-selling to sports bettors. To cater for this audience requires a deep understanding of the end user and their preferences. At a basic level, cross-selling might work by lining up two different products and marketing them to players, but you’re not going to be able to do much more than hope for the best here. The rates of conversion and long-term engagement will be low. Reaching a deeper level of chemistry takes a considerable commitment and level of resource but the experience will be vastly superior, along with the value of the results. Carefully tailored and attractive engagement opportunities that have a genuine appeal and benefit are needed in order to get on the radar of today’s players. This starts by speaking and listening to players. What do they like – and just as importantly dislike? What do they want to see in the future, and what improvements would they suggest? Operators understand the potential of converting sports bettors into casino players and they are finally able do so in a meaningful and exciting way. Optimising sports betting cross-sell opportunities has come a long way since the most reliable method was seen as launching a rudimentary football-themed slot game or gifting a valued player a series of free spins during the World Cup or major tournament. Now we are seeing examples of true integration and that adds to the players experience and is delivering for all parties. The reason for this is that the rapid evolution of mobile has unlocked all manner of possibilities for other verticals to Henrik Fagerlund is chief product officer of NetEnt Malta Ltd and has been at NetEnt since 2014. Henrik has 13 years of experience working in both B2B and B2C operations in the gaming industry. He has held top positions at Paf and Boss Media (now GTECH). keep pace with sports, and the innovation houses at the sector’s leading suppliers have advanced on a similar upward trajectory. NetEnt has demonstrated this with the launch of an industry- first widget that allows simultaneous sports betting and live casino action. The Sports Betting Widget utilises unique streaming technology and content management tools to create seamless sessions, where operators can offer live odds on any sport, match or marketplace on any NetEnt Live game table. It launched with Stoixman during the 2018 World Cup in Russia and followed a similar invention, Live Sports Roulette, which lets players keep up to date with scores and real-time updates during football matches while playing Live Roulette, with dealers also commenting on the action. Positive numbers have consistently been reported for both products. During a promotion held on the day of the Champions League final, aimed at utilising and promoting the Sports Betting Widget with a small selection of key customers, total bets and estimated game win both increased by almost 350%, compared to the pre-promotion period. Key to the success of these and similar immersive products is that they are wrapped into the channel of choice: mobile. The achievement of these types of products has created a firm platform to build on and they are going to remain a prominent development focus in the future. There are really no limitations from a tech perspective as to how creative we can be in trying to integrate sports and sports betting into the live casino world. The result will be a much more fluid gaming ecosystem spanning over several gaming verticals, fuelled by enjoyable and exciting experiences that are embraced by different types of players. i GamingBusiness | Issue 112 | September/October 2018 91