IDEAS Insights Vietnam's emergent social enterprise sector - Page 9 Active since 2001, Mekong Quilts aims to create ‘sustainable employment for under- privileged women in remote and rural regions of Vietnam and Cambodia’. MQ argues that quilting is the ‘perfect craft’ for many of these women, as it enables them to work from home and maintain closeness to their families, as well as requiring a low initial investment. Mekong Quilts produces hand crafted quilts and other accessories: quality is important to the organisation, which uses high-end silk, cotton, and ethnic embroideries. Other environmentally-sensitive materials including bamboo, water hyacinth and papier- Mache are all also used. MQ now employs over 200 women in Vietnam and Cambodia. Besides this direct economic benefit to the women, profits are reinvested into micro-finance, scholarships, health and agricultural education programmes for the MQ community. These photographs taken by the writer WTLC aims to completely integrate the handicapped into society, through training, orienting, and finding them suitable jobs. Within its training portfolio the centre offers I.T. learning, graphic design, and soft skill courses. Additionally, the centre established a limited company to temporarily employ learners, through which new graduates can sell their newly acquired skills. 7