IDEAS Insights Vietnam's emergent social enterprise sector - Page 8 Koto is a hospitality training centre for at-risk and disadvantaged youth: it has trained over 670 students at its two centres in Hanoi and Saigon. It operates both a Foundation arm, which focuses on raising funding, and an Enterprise arm for other hospitality training. The ‘harmonious combination’ of these two arms supports the welfare and training of the students, some of whom are offered employment with KOTO after graduating. KOTO has been visited by both Bill Clinton and the Queen of Denmark. SMC is an organisation for the visually impaired, supporting the blind by developing assistive technology in education, employment and daily living. It has established 26 computer labs for the blind in 23 different provinces around Vietnam, BG&VB&RFSf7Vǒ&VBVRg&&62FGf6V@WfV