IDEAS Insights Vietnam's emergent social enterprise sector - Page 2

IDEAS Globally is committed to make and scale positive social change. Our work is always backed by academic, scientific, and professional research. As part of this commitment, we aim to share unique insights in sectors relating to international development. If you or a colleague has a perspective that would benefit others, we’d love to share it. IDEAS Insights are short briefs, offering snapshots into key international development issues for both our community and the public. All Insights are published at This insight is part of our Historical perspectives practice area, which aims to reveal how historical experience, deeper cultural currents and identities underlie business practices in countries of our focus. If you’d like to contribute, contact our Director of Research & Communication, Joel Sugarman, for close support: Summary James Lavender provides a concise overview of the evolution of the social enterprise sector in Vietnam, emerging from the pre-Doi Moi period to present. He highlights some key bottlenecks restricting further expansion of social enterprise business models, and identifies a range of trail-blazing social enterprises successfully engaging with ongoing social concerns in the country. Introducing social enterprise in Vietnam Some brief history … … 1 1-3 Present and future Current bottlenecks on further growth Regional models for policy-making … … 3 3-4 Social enterprise snapshots … 5-8 References … 9-10