IDEAS Insights Net Neutrality & Development - lessons from Zambia - Page 2

IDEAS Globally is committed to make and scale positive social change. Our work is always backed by academic, scientific, and professional research. As part of this commitment, we aim to share unique insights in sectors relating to international development. If you or a colleague has a perspective that would benefit others, we’d love to share it. IDEAS Insights are short briefs, offering snapshots into key international development issues for both our community and the public. All Insights are published at This insight is part of our Designing for Development practice area, which provides knowledge resources on how to meet development challenges, based on the experience and research of our writers. If you’d like to contribute, contact our Director of Research & Communication, Joel Sugarman, for close support: Summary Veronika Kovács examines a key trend in the gradual reconfiguration of the internet, the notion of ‘net neutrality’, and discusses how this is being challenged in developing markets through initiatives like Facebook’s She draws upon research on Zambia as a case study for this emergent new ‘politics of the internet’. Surveying the state of the internet today … 1 Global regulatory momentum … 1 Imagining as social policy … 2 Rollout in Zambia … 3-4 Local Politics of the internet … 5 References … 6