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Watch the full program of The Washington EU-U.S. Conference below

Video by EU in the U.S.



Ideagen's first panel discussing Transatlantic Economy and Business starts around 2:13:30. From left to right - Moderator: Leif Ackerman, Panelists: Dr. Randall Henning, Dr. Damien Levie, Kim Smith, and Jeff Terry. The second panel starts around 4:03:30. From left to right - Maurizio Vecchione, James Keach, Jeff Terry, Dominic Schofield, and Kevin Donnellan

Panel 1: EU - U.S. and Collective Security (led by American University)

Panel 2: Transatlantic Economy and Business (led by Ideagen and American University)

Panel 3: Transatlantic Cultural Exchanges (led by the George Washington University and Le Monde Diplomatique)

Panel 4: The EU and the US, Partnership on the World Stage (led by The Institute for Economics and Peace and Le Monde Diplomatique)