IDE Online Magazine Diciembre 2017 - Page 56

Sustainability award

Sustainability means that the current generation must be able to satisfy its needs in such a way that subsequent generations are also able to satisfy theirs. The chemical sector recognizes this obligation and promotes sustainable development by its companies. After all, sustainability is an opportunity for a successful long-term future strategy which combines economic success with social responsibility as well as environmental protection.

Accordingly, Actega DS is consistently aligned toward sustainability. This also became apparent that the company was awarded with the sustainability award of VCI NRW. Within the framework of the competition on “We have good ideas for the recycling economy”, the Association of the Chemical Industry, sector North Rhine-Westphalia, highlighted outstanding projects. Among others, this means using resources more intelligently and sustainably, avoiding waste or recycling it. Three projects succeeded in convincing an external expert jury. Actega DS was awarded third place for sustainable utilization of resources within the framework of this Responsible Care Competition. The external expert jury was inspired by the savings potential offered by the innovation: Actega DS developed a special sealing compound which can save thousands of tons of steel during crown cork production. It has been possible to optimize the performance, consistency and flexibility of sealing compounds in crown corks in such a way that the manufacturers can dispense with significant quantities of steel required for production. Since being patented around 120 years ago, hardly anything has changed in the principle of crown corks: sheet steel encloses the bottle opening and a sealing compound protects the contents of the bottle from contamination.