IDE Online Magazine Abril 2017 - Page 67

Reliable filling without loss of quality

Another machine on show in Washington, which has been specially designed for lower filling capacities, is the modular Innokeg AF1-C1 keg system. Fully equipped with a washing and a racking station, it provides all the quality and process safety of large kegging systems for returnable and non-returnable containers. Further tanks can be connected in addition to the integrated detergent tank. The modular design enables the system to grow with user requirements; if craft brewers wish to increase their output, the KHS system can be easily expanded. The Innokeg AF1-C1 washes and fills up to 35 kegs per hour. In the Innokeg CombiKeg craft brewers have an even more powerful variant for returnable and non-returnable kegs which KHS also has on display; this can rack up to 80 kegs an hour holding from 7 to 58 liters.

Holistic systems in focus

KHS will also be underlining its qualifications as a systems supplier in areas other than those demonstrated by the show exhibits. The flexible Innofill Can DVD can filler for various can diameters is one of the many machines featured, for example, as is the Innokeg Transomat designed for the gentle sanitizing and racking of returnable kegs. Specially trained regional managers are responsible for providing the right service for a customer’s machinery and are also on hand as reliable contacts even when the new equipment has long been up and running at the brewery. KHS’ dense network of employees also ensures that even in regions with a weak infrastructure a KHS expert can be on site within a matter of hours.