IDE Online Magazine Abril 2017 - Page 36

Kodak Process free plates extend their reach in UV printing

cre art – Die Werbeproduktion exploits the potential of LEC UV offset printing for exclusive products with the new KODAK SONORA UV Process Free Plate

Offset printing has been a specialty of cre art in Fulda, Germany, for more than four decades now. In spite of this, Torsten Gröger, Production Director and responsible for customer service, leaves no room for doubt regarding the firm’s principal focus: “We’re an advertising agency that also operates a print shop and provides media services.”

The print shop, which belongs to the advertising production division (“Die Werbeproduktion”), does about half of its work for the in-house advertising agency (“Die Werbeagentur”) and the other half for external clients like production agencies. The acquisition of a Roland 700 HiPrint hybrid sheetfed offset press in spring 2016 marked an important strategic step. This B1 format press boasts numerous extras and technical refinements. It can be used for production in LEC UV (Low Energy Curing) or conventional offset and is equipped with five printing units with two LEC UV interdeck dryers, plus a coater with a conventional UV dryer that is installed downstream for top gloss coating results.

“We’ve got a reputation in the market for specialized solutions and for our ability to develop and print products no-one else dares to touch. The path we’re following into the future is that of a niche printer. We’re not aiming to break any volume records working three shifts flat out – instead we reflect every single day on how we can set ourselves apart from the rest,” says Gröger. “UV printing is a good way for us to break free from the interchangeableness that currently dominates the market. Our UV press allows us to print demanding, complex jobs on any substrate with a variety of in-line special effects.” He’s referring here to things like printing with a UV gloss coating, spot varnishing, drip-off finishes, additional whites or varnish, scratch-off inks or scented coatings.