IDE Online Magazine Abril 2017 - Page 130

Waiting for PRINT4ALL 2018


Each of the three core elements of the event are to be represented by an authoritative exponent of the printing world – business men with a recognised role as opinion leaders and innovation pioneers – thus further confirming the event’s capacity as a project designed by the market, for the market

They say that three is the perfect number; and, indeed, that is how many ambassadors will be involved in Print4All (Fiera Milano, May 29th – June 1st 2018): managers and entrepreneurs from influential companies representing each of the three souls of the event: CONVERFLEX, GRAFITALIA and INPRINTING. Their task will be to act as spokesmen for the innovative exhibition project, leveraging synergies between sectors and responding to the specific needs of buyers so as to boost the Italian production market. The Ambassadors will address the world of users, in which they are numbered, having a thorough understanding of the connected problems and needs.

The three Ambassadors were selected from highly innovative companies in different areas of printing, on the basis of their personal and professional characteristics. In particular, the Ambassadors chosen are three managers with a highly innovative approach to business, who see technology and innovation not as an end in themselves but as essential tools to promote relations with the market and with customers, in order to support the growth and evolution of companies and, indirectly, of the entire industry.