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Payette River North Fork © The Travel Council granite mountain n a t u r e Family owned and operated Granite Mountain Nature Gallery, a rock shop and nature-related business, was founded in 1987 as Paleo Impressions because it dealt mainly in fossils, “I was always fascinated by fossils and minerals of all kinds and started collecting when I was about 10 years old, which is probably why I later became a geologist,” explained owner Dennis DeLaet. “We mainly did the retail and wholesale trade-show circuit, which we still do, but we decided to open a gallery in 1998 in which we have many one-of-a-kind pieces, and one of the things we try to do is offer fair prices for our products.” According to DeLaet, many of the products are decorator pieces that come from about 50 different countries and range in price from 50¢ to $5,000. The products include minerals, fossils, framed insects, jewelry, animal carvings of various rock types, rock and wood vases of many styles and sizes, rock bowls and canisters, stone obelisks, spheres from hundreds of rock types and much, much more. “We’ve often been called a candy store for nature lovers,” DeLaet added. g a l l e r y buying trips, they can purchase up to 15,000 pounds of merchandise at a time that must be shipped on a semi-truck because of the sheer volume of material. “We shop the world and buy in large quantities so we are able to pass the savings on to our customers. ۙB