Idaho Deer Hunter Magazine Spring/Summer 2013, Issue #4 - Page 8

antlers lurking with them- but no dice. This was a recurring theme for the next couple of miles. I probably saw another half-dozen does, but no boys accompanied them. I was pooped, at least four miles from my truck, and it was starting to snow. I sat down and had a couple Power Bars and a bottle of water, and decided to just go up to the next rise to where a small stand of Christmas trees were nestled into a rare flat spot in the canyon. When I stumbled in and snapped the first twig in there- you guessed it- I heard the telltale crashing of several deer bounding away. Darn it! Why hadn’t I slowed down and done it right? A little patience would have served me well. Oh well- I crept along in the direction I thought I’d heard most of them go and when I reached a clearing in the trees I saw the rear end of a doe disappearing into a canyon and then hopping over to the next ridge. It looked like the canyon the deer disappeared into would lead me back downhill to the road, so I figured, “What the heck, it’s just adding on another mile.” I eased into the chute where the doe