Idaho Deer Hunter Magazine Spring/Summer 2013, Issue #4 - Page 6

I was getting ready to take my shot when my boyfriend says over the radio "where are you"? Well I probably don't have to tell you that all of those beautiful bucks ran off and I did all I could do not to cry. So I came off that mountain pretty ticked and told both of them the news. They said everything was ok and that we would make another trip up there but by this time I was almost ready to give up. A couple days later after resting and cooling off I was ready for round two. We went back up and made the same scary ride up the mountain. We went up the same ridge and started to glass again. This time it only took about an hour, maybe two, and there was the biggest buck I had ever seen out in the wild. The boys said we better start walking because this is going to take a while to get over to him. About an hour later and lots of stopping and going, because of the Swirling wind pattern, we knew we were close. So we crept for what seemed like hours and there he was not more than 100 yards away. I propped myself up very quickly, took a deep breath and made my shot. He didn't even budge, he was down and I was the happiest person in the world. He was a 6 X 7 buck with double eye guards on the right, he also had 2 pretty sweet kickers off his G3 on the left and scored about 163 inches with a 28 Vi inch outside spread. I was the happiest girl in the world that day and needless to say I am now getting a shoulder mount. What a great buck!!! Congrats on a successful hunt Sarah! 6