Idaho Deer Hunter Magazine Spring/Summer 2013, Issue #4 - Page 5

I drew an early hunt September 2012 and was very excited to finally shoot a great buck. My excitement soon turned to disappointment when I learned that the fires that where going on where wiping out a good chunk of my unit and we were not able to head to the hills due to most of the roads being closed. I had finally drawn a hunt that I had wanted for a long time and now I was afraid it was all for nothing. My boyfriend Kane and one of our close friends Josh told me that everything would work out and that they knew of a good spot that they thought we could get to by motorcycle. I can't explain how excited I was to hear the words come out of their mouths. We made our plans and started out one early morning in September. We got to spot where we unloaded the bikes and I already had butterflies in my stomach, a lot of that could be because I had to double on the back of a motorcycle all the way up a tiny trail to the top of the mountain. Knowing that the trip was going to be rough and that one wrong move could result in bad injury or worse I trusted who I was riding with and everything 5 worked ou