Idaho Deer Hunter Magazine Spring/Summer 2013, Issue #4 - Page 3

President: George Nelson Idaho Deer Alliance Table of Contents: Pg. 4 From the Rack Room, George Nelson Pg. 5 Early Rifle Success!, Sarah Vitley Pg. 7 Short Solo Adventure, Dale Garrard Pg. 11 Tagged Out!, Brian Bower Pg. 13 Idaho Sportsman Show Highlights Pg. 15 2013 Banquet Highlights Pg. 18 Banquet Sponsors & Contributors Pg. 19 Campfire Laughs! Pg. 20 Passing on the Tradition, Chris Beus Pg. 23 Hooked on Bears!, Michael Batease Pg. 24 Good Cookin’! Pg. 25 2012 IDH Story Contributors, Winner! Pg. 26 Outdoors to the Core, Tom Claycomb Pg. 28 In the Field & On the Wall Pg. 30 Wolf Management Specialists Pg. 32 Predator Control Pg. 34 Classified Ads MISSION STATEMENT Idaho Deer Alliance is committed to being engaged in the conservation efforts and management of Idaho’s deer herds in order to preserve the future of Idaho’s wildlife resources for generations to come. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Submissions: Articles, photos, and submissions represent the views of the author, not necessarily reflect the view of Idaho Deer Alliance. Suggestions and contributions are welcome. All materials can be used without further consent or any time deemed necessary regardless of who or how the submissions came from. IDA also reserves the right to publish all materials for the use of IDA. Banquet Coordinator: Anita Nelson / John Francesconi Sportsman's Show Coordinator: Cliff Ross Media & Publication: Travis Long / Amanda Long Merchandising: John Francesconi Board of Directors: Ike Mortensen Sissy Molten Gary Gillespie Del Griffin Matt Doughit Curtis Elton Idaho Deer Hunter Magazine Publisher: Idaho Deer Alliance Editors: Travis Long, George Nelson, Anita Nelson Printer: Options Meridian, Idaho Contact: George Nelson - (208) 703-6870 Travis Long - (208) 412-0934 3