Idaho Deer Hunter Magazine Spring/Summer 2013, Issue #4 - Page 20

T he 2012 hunting year started like any other year. I contacted my dad and we put in for moose. We have been putting in for moose for the last 4 or 5 years with no success and this year was no different. When announcements were made we were unsuccessful again. On a fluke I decided to check the second chance draws this year, I have put in on them in the past but the odds were so much worse than the first go around I had decided not to waste the time and money again. This year was different in the fact that there were a significant amount of area 39 doe tags available for the second chance draw. Normally I would not have looked at a doe hunt but my oldest daughter is now 9 and has expressed an interest in hunting. Before going to the effort of getting her into hunter's safety, which is another story into itself, I wanted to make sure that she truly was going to be able to handle hunting and had an interest. So with seventy odd doe tags left over in unit 39 I decided to try and put in for a second chance hunt. Since I was putting in any way I also chose an antelope hunt with one tag available and a late season 20 muzzleloader cow elk tag with three tags left. Come draw time I was expecting to maybe end up with the doe tag. I was amazed to find that I had successfully drawn all three tags. Fast forward to the start of the 2012 deer season. I was going to be greedy thinking that the doe tag would be a gimme hunt and super easy I decided that I would also attempt to become the fourth generation hunter to fill a tag with a family heirloom. My great grandfather back in the day had purchase a 303 savage rifle new to hunt with and it had been passed down to my grandfather. I never knew my grandfather on that side of the family but was told that he had used the rifle successfully to provide for his family. The only deer I have seen my dad shoot was with this rifle. It does not have a scope so I figured that my effective range would only be about 100 yards. The first day out saw my dad, daughter, and $΅…­₯Ήœ„±½½ΐΑ…ΝЁΙɽ܁I½¬…΄°Υΐ…ΉΑ…ΝЁQ‘½ΙΈ Ι••¬1½½­½ΥΠ°…Ή‘Ι½ΑΑ₯Ήœ½Ω•Θ…Ή‘½έΈ₯ΉΡΌ%‘…‘Ό ₯Ρ丁Q‘”½Ή±δ‘••Θέ”Ν…܁݅́Υΐ½ΈΡ½ΐ‰δΡ‘”±½½­½ΥЁ…Ή₯Ё݅́„™½Ι­•‘½ΙΈ°Ό™₯ΥΙ”°…Ή΅”έ₯Ρ „‘½”Ρ…œΈ((