ICT Portfolio ICT L.Powell Recommendations

Recommendations The course is good for new persons to technology. However for advanced technological users it can be a bit frustrating or boring, hence I would recommend either catering for advanced users as well. For example instead of having the advanced users go through the content with the others provide them with the assignments so they can complete them rather than having them sit in class going over stuff they would already know. Another option would be to exempt those that are technologically inclined or make the course optional or give the course at least 1 credit. The other recommendation would be in regards to the class environment, it is noticed that you get frustrated when too many persons are requesting on your attention and you require them to put up their hands but at times you don’t see their hand or refuse to acknowledge them. A way to deal with that also would try to make your instructions clearer and concise, and to also have other advanced students assist you with the others that may be calling rather than you frustrating yourself. Last one would be to change your assignments or the way it is taught because anyone can get the information from a 2 nd year TED student or previous TED student and replicate it.