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(translation of German pflasterstein aus beton). Mr. Bryant was captivated by the benefits of what the stone mason described as a superior paving method to asphalt or cast-in-place concrete. The mason complaining about the absence of concrete pavers in North America was viewed by Mr. Bryant as a significant business opportunity. At the time, Mr. Bryant owned a successful computer travel business, in retrospect he saw more opportunity in paving stones than in computers. For the immediate project, the Swiss stone mason convinced Mr. Bryant that paving stones were the answer for his sloped driveway. If Mr. Bryant wanted them, however, he had to manufacture them himself. Mr. Bryant traveled to This illustrates a traveling multi-layer machine that molds a layer and moves to make the next layer, progressively stacking layers on each other. These machines were affectionally called ‘egg layers.’ I C P I C O M M E M O R AT I V E P U B L I C AT I O N • 7