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Looking Back with Appreciation and Forward with Anticipation on the Industry’s Future ICPI members and staff would like to thank the Board Chairs for leading the Board of Directors, Committees and staff for the past 25 years. Much has been covered on the list developed in 1990 by pavement experts. The best is yet to come! • Charles Gamarekian, Grinnell Concrete Pavingstones (CPI) • 1990-92 • Larry Nicolai, Pavers by Ideal (CPI & ICPI) • 1992-94 • David Streeter, Barbour Pavers • 1994-95 • David Bender, Pavestone Plus, Inc. • 1995-97 • Hugh Jones, Willamette Graystone, Inc. • 1997-99 • Chris Ross, Balcon, an Oldcastle Company 1999-2000 • Manfred Herold, Brown’s Concrete Products • 2000-02 • Bruce Camper, Basalite • 2002-04 • Steve Berry, Paver Systems • 2004-06 • Joe Bowen, Mutual Materials • 2006-08 • Ed Fioroni, Pavestone Company • 2008-10 • Roberto Nicolia, Nicolock Paving Stones • 2010-12 • Dave Carter, Oaks Concrete Products • 2012-14 Conclusion Inspiration and technology transfer from overseas combined with the entrepreneurial spirit of many creative people launched the segmental concrete pavement industry in the U.S. and Canada. Future prospects for the next 40 years look positive. With populations increasingly concentrated and growing in urban areas, pavements with only a single purpose will grow obsolete. Increasing land values and connected automated vehicles (CAVs) now under development will require pavements that do much more in the next 25 years that just be a transportation channel. Future pavement functions will include and support decreased carbon emissions, electrical energy generation via loads or from the sun, storage and reduction of stormwater runoff, communication to drivers and driverless vehicles to increase safety especially in bad weather, reduced down time for pavement repairs and from utility cuts, traffic calming and control via 5G networks, air pollution and sound absorbing surfaces, and complete streets in highly urbanized areas that support social and culture aspects critical to living in cities. Segmental concrete pavement is in a unique position to grow into all of these roles. • David Pitre, Pavestone Company • 2014-16 • Matt Lynch, Anchor, an Oldcastle Company 2016-18 • Kendall Anderegg, Mutual Materials • 2018-20 • Marshall Brown, ACM Chemistries • 2020-22 ICPI Mission To deliver education and technical guidance leading to awareness, acceptance and use of segmental concrete pavement systems in the United States and Canada. ICPI Vision ICPI is the authority for segmental concrete pavement systems, which are universally recognized as the best value for pavement. I C P I C O M M E M O R AT I V E P U B L I C AT I O N • 3 5