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2018—Workforce Development In response to a growing installation labor shortage, ICPI embarked on a manifold effort to attract and train new installers and contractors. This includes a two-day, entry-level Boot Camp training program for participants to try out paver installation, instructor training for deployment of ICPI installer curriculum and certification in post-secondary/vocational schools, and promotion of hardscape construction careers the demonstrate a path toward company ownership. The program is offered jointly with NCMA for development of SRW construction labor as well as concrete pavers. At this writing, ICPI offers in-person specialist-level courses in residential, commercial, and/or PICP. In addition to earning Concrete Paver Installer Certification and passing one of the specialist courses, people seeking this designation must gain 50,000 sf (4,645 m 2 ) of installation experience on ten projects in the corresponding specialty area. In 2019, the ICPI Installer Residential Specialist and ICPI Installer Commercial Specialist Courses also will be available online 24/7 through ICPI’s new learning management system. In addition, ICPI has rolled out marketing videos and brochures for its members to use in promoting these programs as well as a career path for young installers. Boot camps are designed have people unfamiliar with segmental paving try it out to see how they like it as a possible starting point and career. 3 4 • I C P I C O M M E M O R AT I V E P U B L I C AT I O N