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Left: Hardscape North America co-located with GIE+Expo thereby enlarging exposure to thousands of potential contractors offices from Washington, DC to rented offices in Herndon, VA at on office building across from Dulles International Airport. Executive Director Charles McGrath, Marketing Director Jessica Chase and Technical Director David R. Smith resigned from Bostrom Corporation and transitioned to the new location in northern Virginia. 2008—Increasing National Advocacy 2007—Hardscape North America Taking cues from successful regional contractor shows produced by a few ICPI members and landscape organizations around the U.S. and Canada, ICPI took a daring step in 2007 by starting Hardscape North America (HNA). The first two shows were held in Nashville, TN, and the third year in Atlanta, GA. The show floors were small but ICPI included installer education sessions (including certification classes) and eyes-on demonstrations of efficient and creative construction methods. HNA received a significant attendance boost in its fourth year from ICPI members who encouraged co-locating with the much larger GIE + Expo in 2010 based in Louisville, KY. Besides, a growing number indoor and outdoor exhibits, well-attended demos, and education sessions for contractors and dealers, the event is a showcase for national finalists in the HNA Installer Championship. Winning entries of the HNA Project Awards contest are also recognized during show. 2007—Transition to Self-management Having grown to $2 million in revenue, ICPI leadership studied the costs and benefits of transitioning to a self-managed association in 2007. Projected expenses were clearly lower as a stand-alone company and benefits included greater flexibility in staff and program development. In February 2008, ICPI moved Since 1998, ICPI monitors, comments on and contributes to federal legislation emerging from Washington, DC. In 2008, ICPI included national legislation in a transportation bill that included technology transfer by the Federal Highway Administration’s Local Technology Assistance Program (LTAP) on permeable pavements. This enabled ICPI to organize several permeable pavement seminars at LTAP centers across the U.S. In 2018, the United States Senate Appropriations Committee issued a report on a Transportation, and Housing and Urban Development, and Related Agencies Appropriations Bill for FY 2019. The report encouraged the Secretary of Transportation to accelerate research, demonstration, and deployment of permeable pavements to achieve flood mitigation, pollutant reduction, stormwater runoff reduction, and environmental conservation. It also encouraged life cycle cost analyses of permeable pavements compared to non-permeable pavements and a full-scale load testing to establish structural design methods to enhance roadway stormwater mitigation and flood reduction. In Canada, ICPI advocacy is directed to municipalities rather than to provincial or federal governments. Advocacy is aimed supporting the Federation of Canadian municipalities as well as through a lobbyist working directly with municipalities to remove barriers to using ICP and PICP. I C P I C O M M E M O R AT I V E P U B L I C AT I O N • 3 1