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Above: An installer certification course for commercial applications and permeable interlocking concrete pavements were developed in 2009. Left: In 2012, a course was initiated on advanced residential construction. In 2009, contractor course materials and courses were introduced for permeable interlocking concrete pavement and another covering construction for several types of commercial at-grade and roof applications. This course included use of mechanical installation, road and heavy-duty pavement construction. Since residential backyards were being transformed into outdoor kitchens and living rooms, a course on how to build these was introduced in 2012. All of the installer courses underwent continual editing and improvements over the years. In 2018, an education roadmap framed certification requirements and specialist designations for advanced residential construction, permeable pavements, and commercial construction. The courses and roadmap provided a clear path in support of certification and career development for contractors, industry sales personnel, and specifiers. 1994—Industry Magazine Started As a means to deliver case studies of innovative projects to engineers and landscape architects plus construction guidance to contractors, ICPI started a quarterly publication titled Interlocking Concrete Pavement Magazine in February 1994. Initial circulation was to about 7,000 public works officials and civil engineers, as well as to the Canadian and U.S. concrete paver industry. L to R: The first association magazine was issued in February 1994. Also shown is an issue from 2006 and from 2018. I C P I C O M M E M O R AT I V E P U B L I C AT I O N • 2 7