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Charles H. Gamarekian, first chair of the Concrete Paver Institute Larry Nicolai, Chair-elect • Investigate horizontal stability under traffic • Identify and research conditions in which concrete pavers outperform conventional pavements • Compare performance of rigid, stabilized and unbound bases • Evaluate static loads versus equivalent axle loads as a basis for pavement design • Investigate performance of bedding sands and refine specifications • Develop design and construction procedures for rehabilitation of existing pavements • Document and evaluate life cycle costs Construction • Develop a training/certification program for contractors to help assure construction quality including manuals and videos • Develop guide specifications and detail drawings • Develop guidelines and videos on mechanical installation • Develop quality assurance procedures for bedding sand, joint width, cutting, pavement smoothness, pavement reinstatement for use by engineers and field personnel David Streeter, Secretary-Treasurer Paving Products • Seek an AASHTO specification for concrete pavers • Develop reliable tests for concrete pavers during manufacture including aggregate tests • Standard dimensions of a few commonly used shapes • Develop gradation and hardness standards for bedding sand under vehicular traffic • Develop standards for sealing pavers Technical Promotion • Target pavement markets where pavers outperform conventional pavements • From research, develop a marketing plan that addresses commercial, municipal, industrial, port and airport applications—address how pavers meet or exceeds needs in these applications • Present papers at Transportation Research Board and at similar road and transportation conferences • Conduct demonstration projects • Promote to markets using case histories, guide specifications, design methods, details, AASHTO acceptance, and via contractor training I C P I C O M M E M O R AT I V E P U B L I C AT I O N • 2 3