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1992—Northeast Florida Regional Airport, St. Augustine—50,000 sf (4,645 m 2 ) general aviation aircraft parking (2013 photo) 1993—Port of Oakland, California—Berth 30 saw 330,000 sf (30,658 m 2 ) in container handling and chassis operation areas. The previous project set the stage for 5 million sf (464,515 m 2 ) placed from 2002-2004 in Berths 55—59 and in other berths. This installation is the largest in the Western Hemisphere. 1994—Port of Tampa, Florida—Berth 208 used 788,000 sf (73,208 m 2 ) placed over several years that supports storage areas for rolled sheet steel and flat stock. I C P I C O M M E M O R AT I V E P U B L I C AT I O N • 1 9