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1989—Port of Baltimore, Maryland— Seagirt Terminal 230,000 sf i(21,368 m 2 ) n container handling areas. This grew to about 2 million sf (185,806 m 2 ) in various places around the port. 1989—Downtown Winthrop, Massachusetts—16,000 sf (1,486 m 2 ) streets and sidewalks were one of the first paver projects designed with CAD. 1991—Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport, Texas—261,000 sf (24,248 m 2 ) in three cross-taxiways 1991—Port of New Orleans, Louisiana—container handling areas, grew to 1 million sf (92,903 m 2 ) by 1996, then higher. 1 8 • I C P I C O M M E M O R AT I V E P U B L I C AT I O N