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Switzerland to meet with a paving stone manufacturer named L. Girod AG, who in turn introduced him to Fritz von Langsdorff, German owner and licensor of patented Uni concrete paver designs throughout Europe and other countries. By the fall of 1972, Mr. Bryant incorporated his first manufacturing company, North American Stone Company, and established a plant in Barrie, Ontario. Before making his first concrete paver, Mr. Bryant purchased a license from Mr. von Langsdorff to produce Uni-Stone, as well as an old concrete batch plant, and a used Schlosser paver machine that made only twelve pavers at a time. It was a rudimentary operation, but the fledgling company proved the market potential for this new paving product. With the help of Mr. von Langsdorff, Mr. Bryant found German investors to purchase shares in his fledgling company, which provided capital to purchase a new Hess multi-layer machine. The company initially produced Uni-Stone in one color, natural gray, i.e., without iron oxide pigments. German immigrants in southern Ontario took an interest in becoming paver installation contractors and Mr. Bryant’s company helped train them, as well as promoting the German guidelines for interlocking concrete pavement construction to help ensure quality installations. Based in Germany, Fritz von Langsdorff promoted patented concrete paver shapes worldwide. The Uni-stone dentated shape was promoted as ‘fully interlocking’ paving unit. The unit had a higher ratio of side area to exposed top surface area, thus increasing interlock compared to rectangular units with a similar top surface area. This application shown is a sample of 5 million sf (464,500 m 2 ) at Hong Kong International Airport placed in 1997. The first permanent concrete paver manufacturing facility in Barrie, Ontario, Canada. Before renamed Unilock, Mr. Ed Bryant called this first company North American Stone Company, Ltd. 8 • I C P I C O M M E M O R AT I V E P U B L I C AT I O N