ICONIC Jun 2014 - Page 36

Get Ready for the Vintage Worship Experience with Anita Wilson Fallon Brewster sFallon Brewster is a writer, blogger and aspiring author. She is owner of Pen Perceptions LLC ™ and Call Me Mrs.™ blog. 35 It’s Christ Or Nothing The past two decades marked the evolution of Gospel music. The once familiar tunes and signature melodies of the genre have taken on a more voguish style fit for an upbeat generation.   Due to this reformation, Gospel music has now transcended onto the urban platform to reach the masses. And then there is Ms. Anita Wilson  Within only two years as a solo artist, Anita Wilson has quickly graced the scene and greatly contributed to the Gospel renaissance. She was able to coin her own style with her debut project, Worship Soul. We spoke with Anita about her unique style and delivery. “With Worship Soul, we unknowingly carved out that lane that was custom and unique to Anita.”  Indeed she did.  Worship Soul cleverly connected the essential sounds of jazz and soul, with a touch of that old-school church vibe. In the coming weeks, Anita will be releasing her sophomore album, Vintage Worship, an even more edgy concept for the Gospel community.  She describes Vintage Worship as, “an audio portrait of my musical influences from the 70s, 80s, and 90s.” This portrait combines Anita’s well-rounded musical inspirations, from classic and contemporary Gospel, to classic R&B and Soul music.  “This album gives odes to those influences that we grew up listening to.  You’ll listen to some of this music and it’ll feel like what you used to feel like back in the day. I call it feel-good music with a message.”   We can expect several great features on this new album. Bishop Yvett Flunder, the lead soloist of “Thank You Lord,” by Walter Hawkins and Grammy award-winning songwriter/producer, Tommy Sims are amongst those featured. And in contrast to her debut album which was live recorded, Vintage Worship was birthed inside the studios’ walls. “The sound that this music called for was a more live, concentrated studio sound.”  So, this album digs deeper