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A documentary called 'The Refugees who makes our Clothes' is a prime example of Child labour, a 15 year old boy speaks about his time working in a factory. Brands such as 'Marks and Spencer's' , 'Zara' and 'Next' have been featured in this to be using child labour, and convicted of employees working excessive hours. In the video the employees are found to have been working 12 hour days. They have also been found to be breaking the law of 'The ETI Base code,' because no employee is payed decent wages. They are given a little as £1 in Turkey, where as the minimum wage in England is £6.70.

Following the ETI Base Code Code



On the 24th of April Rana Plaza; a building that contained five factories, collapsed after large cracks had been spotted on the building, however 3,639 workers were still forced to enter. Their managers threatened that they wouldn't pay them if they didn't. The large cracks appeared because Rana Plaza had numerous illegal floor that were built on its very weak structure. Generators had been placed in the building to provide energy during their many power cuts. At 8:45AM a power cut occurred, and the generators turned on, as this happened the workers felt the factory move, and it started to collapse straight down on top of them. This event happened in 90 seconds. 1,17 people were declared dead on the scene.



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