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Supermarkets are large self-service stores selling foods, and goods. Some examples are ASDA, Sainsbury's, Waitrose and Tesco. Large supermarkets are usually found in town centres, because many potential customers will pass by, but also town centres usually have many shops, so people may go her for weekly shops. Smaller Supermarkets, such as 'Tesco Extra' can be found on busy high streets, or highly populated streets, this enables customers to buy essential items quickly, without having to travel very far. Supermarkets offer food, toiletries, toys, beverages, even clothes. Their target audience ranges from a teenagers to someone 80+, because everyone needs food. Supermarkets tend to be self- service, so customer service is minimal, however staff are usually near by stocking shelves. A customer service desk is also near by. Staff are usually based around the store, some jobs include tills, stocking the shelves and home delivery. Supermarkets don't have window displays, because it would be a waste of food, and most people know what the store is.


Multiple Retailers operate a business, where they offer products to customers through multiple different Retail Channels, such as Online, in a Shop or Catalogues. Some examples are River Island, Topshop, Office, and Next. These types of store are usually found on popular high streets, also in shopping centres, online, or in a catalogue which would be sent in the post. Multiple retailers tend to have ranges of target audiences depending on the type of shop. They would supply Womenswear, Menswear, Accessories, Shoes and even Children's wear. Customer Service tends to be quite minimal, because are big, therefore there usually is a Customer Service Desk. it is not a one-to-one approach between customer and staff. Customers usally would have to speak to the staff to get attention. This is because staff are usually based in one part of the store. Examples are Sales Assistant, Store Manager, and Supervisor. The visual display of the store change often, because these stores offer fast fashion.