ICON 1 - Page 80


The impact that this era had on fashion was mostly war related, due to the rationing of fabric. This caused styles to be re-used, however it was the birth of the military style and also made the colour Khaki more popular. Fashion was about comfort and practicality. Most people worked in the war, and therefore most people wore uniforms. Most styles were casual and relaxed, so this could have been the start of relaxed clothing that wasn’t as uptight, and formal like previous years. This era was important in many ways, however I feel that because styles were re-used no new fashion was created.


The 1980’s was all about expression, and being yourself by doing what you wanted with your fashion. Bold and new looks were born, and the idea of uni-sex was very much a thing. This era has such an importance in fashion, because the line between male and female clothing nearly disappeared. Exciting trends were created, many which are still carried out today. This era teaches people to be themselves. The restriction of society stopped people doing what they wanted in earlier years, but this era was really a turning point.


Overall I feel the video informs the viewer well, because it includes relevant detail, and different formats of information. However to improve I could have done less eras to make the video clearer and more direct to the point. I also could have filmed the interview in a quieter place, so that there were no background disturbances. Overall I am happy with how it turned out, and I learnt something new about my Grandma that I never knew before.