ICON 1 - Page 79


I chose the eras:


­ -1915

­ -1933

­ -Late 1930

­ -1940

­ -Late 1940


I covered various eras, because it was interesting to see how the fashions changed over time. I found it really interesting to see an image from1904, I really couldn’t imagine what it would have been like. But also having to get up every day and putting lots of different layers of outfits. Some images I found didn’t have dates on them, however the fashion enabled me to give an estimate, which I liked because it was interesting to decide for myself. I also liked looking at a hairstyle as well as clothing. I liked putting the research we have done in our sketch book into reality.


The impact of this fashion was the:

• Silhouette- ‘S’ shape corset- Restrictive.

• Structured fashion-every women had the

same structure.

• Formality- This era was very formal, people had outfits for different times of the day. Even casual wear was planned.

• Expectations- women had to conform to having the same, and wearing very similar clothes

This era was important, because it brought in a different silhouette the ‘s’ shape, which was meant to accentuate a women’s features. In the future years we can notice how the silhouette changes.