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In this issue we explore the different depths of the retail world. From the Principles of Fashion Business and Retail; where we gain the basic understanding of retailers we see on a day-to-day basis. We gain an insight as to why they are found in those particular locations, and the different details, such as the size, products and pricing. This enables us to understand the shops that we visit and buy from. We classify different types of retailers such as brick and mortar stores, online, and department stores. Retail News is spread out throughout the magazine, so we can understand the advances in the capability of shopping, the expanses of stores, and the ingenuity of Technology.

Communication enables us to look at Tom Ford's wild and whacky advert campaigns, and the details of Terry Richardson's work. The Comparison of Chanel and Topshop is explored by the way in which they communicate with their target audience. Our interpretation of an Armani advert is shown, and our inspirations are highlighted.

Critical and Contextual Studies allows us to see what fashion has been like in previous decades with research from the internet, books, and people who have experienced it. Evidence of historical is fashion is shown in a video with a 94 year old women who speaks to us about her fashion.

Supply Chain gives us an insight into the works of producing our clothes. The efficiency of integrated and non-integrated supply chains is evaluated. Find out about the facts of the devastating disaster of the Rana Plaza factory. A tech pack is presented with the improvements of a ruined garment, and an evaluation of how it would be produced.

Get ready to read, and soak up all of the information.

Holly Brister

Editor in Chief