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International Growth pays off for

The company said total sales went up by nine per cent to £252.5 million in the year to January 30, while, earnings before exceptional items jumped 18 per cent to £28.5 million. Its UK sales went up by 7.4 per cent to £144.3 million, while international surged 12 per cent to £108.2 million. Digital sales also increased by a third to £47.3 million, compared to £35.6 million the year before. In that full-year same period, AllSaints opened 23 new stores internationally, including in the US, Japan, South Korea and Taiwan.

The retailer also said its new Capital Collection – a women's bag range produced in partnership with Simone – was already making a double-digit contribution to revenue in some markets.

Overseas expansion combined with a new handbag collection has helped fashion retailer AllSaints deliver strong growth in its financial year.


Chief executive William Kim said broadening its product range and opening stores in new international markets had paid off.

"We recently launched the brand in Japan, which becomes our third directly-operated country in Asia, and following our highly successful launches in Korea and Taiwan we now anticipate that non-American international markets will account for around one third of our total revenue by 2020."