ICON 1 - Page 65


Holly Brister

Editor in Chief

Chanel communicates with their target audience by using celebrity endorsement, and fashion shows to promote their brand. I feel this suits the brand more because it is a more prestigious way of advertising. Although TOPSHOP do do fashion shows, it isn't their main way of communicating with their audience. Fashion Shows allows Chanel's target audience to be communicated with because a lot of them are upper class, and fashion shows tend to cost money to go to. Celebrity endorsement is used in both brands, however Chanel would use more elegant sophisticated models to keep their overal brand image. Topshop tend to use more trendy, well-known models within the younger generation to make it appeal more.

The in- store visual displays in TOPSHOP are trendy interesting and changed often with hip and young themes. Chanel have artistic in-store displays that focuses on a few outfits or particular products, which communicate well with their target audience, who tend to be older than 20 because they will have a constant income and therefore a more disposal income as they get older. A large disposable income is needed to purchase most goods found in Chanel.